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Appreciating our environment and all living organisms starts with an understanding and passion for them. Awareness and education about global environmental challenges will bring us together to journey towards a healthy planet. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform and revolutionize the world on a path of progression and prosperity for all living things. The   'AI for Environment'   non-profit is on a mission to use technologies including AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and Business Intelligence to generate awareness of and solve global environmental challenges. Together we can make a difference.


I wish to harness AI to solve global environmental challenges (global warming). I believe we should steer Artificial Intelligence towards the path of finding new and efficient ways to help our planet cope with and reverse the effects of global warming.

Saumya Soni
Founder & CEO
AI for Environment


News & Events

The virtual event attended by 100+ farmers plus students was great success

To continue with the theme of 'Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav: India @ 75' during the Independence Day week: a live event "Smart Farming Using Microsoft Azure FarmBeats with AI to Increase Farm Yield for Farmers" was organized by Saumya Soni, CEO of AI for Environment, non-profit from the USA & Sanjay Singh, secretary, Jan Jagran Kendra, non-profit from India. The goal was to raise awareness of technologies including AI & Azure FarmBeats to increase farm yield for farmers using sustainable methods.

More than 100 farmers & students from different states of India including Jharkhand, Kerala, Jammu & Kashmir, Manipur, Maharashtra & Haryana, attended this live event. This event featured seven speakers from Microsoft, AI for Environment, Jan Jagran Kendra, HCKVK, MGNREGA, & NABARD. Topics included Microsoft Azure FarmBeats, AI For Birds, watersheds, promotion of AI in Agri & Allied Sector- the role of policies, schemes, and interventions of NABARD, Success stories from USA & India.

Speakers included Anurag Gaur- Principal Program Manager, Microsoft, Sanjay Singh- Secretary, Jan Jagran Kendra, Saumya Soni- CEO, AI For Environment, Vinay Kant Mishra - IFS, CEO - JSWM, Government of Jharkhand, Dr. R.K Singh - Sr. Scientist & Head, HCKVK, Anupam Bharti - Deputy Director Agriculture, MGNREGA, Prem Prakash Singh - DDM- NABARD, Premnath Mehta- Progressive Farmer, Jharkhand, & Shib Kumar Goswami – Founder, Birds Buddy. It was an event filled with inspiration, AI awareness & passion for the environment. People got to experience cutting-edge technology and a sneak peek from the FarmBeats Demo presented by Saumya Soni, Founder & CEO of a non-profit AI For Environment.

"Three months ago, we collaborated with Premnath- one of the progressive farmers from Jharkhand, India. His farm is a pilot site for this project. The AI For Environment & Jan Jagran Kendra team started collaborating with Microsoft Azure FarmBeats to collect the historical data & real-time data using satellite imagery, weather information & soil data to predict what crop to sow, where to sow depending on different variables like temperature, humidity, soil moisture, etc. " said Saumya Soni

"Future goal is to enable data-driven agriculture in Jharkhand for 100,000+ farmers to increase yield & productivity of the farm and raise awareness of technologies like AI among students & farmers in India," said Sanjay Singh.

Videos of all presentations will be posted on Jan Jagran Kendra & the AI For Environment YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

More information can be found at: www.janjagrankendra.org / www.aiforenvironment.org

To download the 'AI For Birds' App, please search "AI for Birds" in the Google Play Store, or Apple App Store.

Here is the link to the event YouTube playlist : https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-cSddcdvlurEXOfBAUB0c7F7svt9-WQg

Check out the AI For Birds & Azure FarmBeats (Hindi)

Jumpstart your Career with Artificial Intelligence

The 2021 Virtual Conference "Jumpstart your Career with AI' organized by Saumya Soni, Founder & CEO, AI For Environment was a huge success!

On June 19, The AI For Environment, non-profit, USA organized a virtual AI event-'Jumpstart your Career with Artificial Intelligence' for students and AI enthusiasts. The objective of the webinar was to help them understand the Career landscape in AI, how AI works, real-life AI demos, etc.

The three-hour-long exciting live event was organized by Saumya Soni, Founder & CEO AI For Environment. More than 250+ attendees worldwide attended this live event. This event Featured outstanding speakers from Microsoft, Data Science Dojo, BlazingSQL, & Ai for Environment.

Here is the link to the AI event YouTube playlist: 2021 Virtual Event - Jumpstart your Career with Artificial Intelligence - YouTube

Role of Youth in Environment Protection

On 5th June 2021, the World Environment Day, a webinar on "Role of Youth in Environment Protection" was organized by Jan Jagran Kendra, Hazaribagh in collaboration with AI for Environment, Non-profit from USA.

The objective was to spread awareness in the community & highlight the initiatives taken by the young generation to protect the environment. More than 100 people joined this incredible webinar from India & the USA.

We thank all of the speakers' Shiv Shankar Goswami (Environmental Expert), Umesh Pratap (Senior Journalist), Soumya Soni (Founder & CEO AI for Environment USA), and Sanjay Kumar Singh (Secretary of Jan Jagran Kendra) for sharing their knowledge & experiences and making this webinar a successful event.

Our Programs

AI for Birds:

To generate awareness about the fascinating world of birds, I created 'AI for Birds' web app, phone app and wrote two blogs.

Here's the links for two blogs:

Bird Recognition App using Microsoft Custom Vision AI and Power BI.

The Journey of building a Bird Recognition App using Custom Vision AI, Power BI and Power Apps.

Bird Attributes - Power BI Report

As you can see in this report, along with recognizing a specific bird, in real-time, interactive visualizations from Power BI display the unique attributes and information about each bird and its status in the wild. The fun facts on the visualization about each bird will linger in your mind for days.

Bird species Attributes for 448 different species

AI Web App:

In this webapp, I used Cognitive Services with Microsoft Custom Vision AI to upload 19,688 images of 315 bird species, tagged them, trained the model, and evaluated the results. You can upload bird image from your file explorer, and it will then predict the species name of the bird and the accuracy tied to that tag.

The Custom Vision Service uses machine learning to classify the bird images I uploaded. The only thing I was required to do was specify the correct tag for each bird image. You can also tag thousands of bird images at a time. The AI algorithm is very powerful as it gives us great accuracy's and once the model is trained, we can use the same model to classify new bird images according to the needs of our application.

There are two ways (in the web app) to recognize the bird species:

Choose a bird image from your PC.

Upload a bird image URL.

Take a picture of a bird in real-time (only works on the Phone App).

Once you upload an image, it will call the Custom Vision Prediction API (which was already trained by Custom Vision, powered by Microsoft) to get species of the bird.

Learn More

We are using Azure FarmBeats while partnering with Jan Jagran Kendra, Non-profit, Jharkhand India, to help farmers increase farm productivity and food yield by utilizing minimum natural resources.

The objective of the Jan Jagran Kendra watershed program is to avoid rainwater runoff and conserve it for irrigation purposes. They have improved the productivity of lands for farmers for more than a decade. They have done this using various methods. Now, we are partnering with them & using AI, IoT sensors, satellite imagery, and weather information to predict what crop to sow, where to sow depending on different variables like temperature, humidity, soil moisture, etc. Here is a link to our Azure Farmbeats demo related to this work on YouTube.

Ambassador for 'Ampowering.org' nonprofit and winner of 'Miss Teen India WA 2020' Pageant

During COVID-19, preparing and delivering sandwiches to the homeless regularly and distributing free groceries to those in need.AMpowering distributed free groceries, fresh produce and dairy products to low income families in Redmond and Bellevue. Operate mobile food bank and available throughout the week for anyone in need to pick up the groceries. We are helping people who are evicted / homeless and need cooked meals instead of groceries.We are arranging connections and providing resources for people to help them find job.We are providing free online tutoring to kids of low income non English speaking communities to help in their studies when parents are not available.

Co-founded the environmental club and the Carbon neutral initiative.

To create a positive impact on the environment while generating awareness and coming up with the solutions to environmental issues. We broadened our influence to a global level by partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects edenprojects.org to plant trees: We calculated the number of trees needed to offset the amount of carbon released for each trip of EBC (Education beyond classroom) and the cost required for it. We encouraged the students and parents to offset their children’s trip by donating money to plant a certain number of trees and collected $1050 which equivalates to 65,000 trees. Every year, during a week called Education Beyond the Classroom (EBC), students from our school travel to different parts of the world with our teachers. All of this traveling, using cars, planes and other vehicles, emits large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Therefore, we have decided to calculate the number of trees needed to offset the amount of carbon released for each trip and the cost required for it. So, we encouraged the students and parents to offset their children’s trip by donating money to plant a certain number of trees. These funds are given to Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees in Madagascar which has already been 90% deforested. By doing this we are creating a positive impact on the environment and providing opportunities and income to those who are hired to plant the trees.

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Acres of land in Jharkhand, India being monitored using Microsoft Azure FarmBeats by AI For Environment & Jan Jagran Kendra Nonprofit


Bird images of 315 bird species used to train the model in the 'AI For Birds' app


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